Bugs Encyclopedia, the brainchild of renowned entomologist Shawn Gleason, is a comprehensive platform dedicated to the extraordinary world of bugs.

Our mission is to educate, inform, and inspire those curious about the diverse and often overlooked insect kingdom, from the common housefly to the rarest of beetles.

Diving deep into the realm of bugs, Bugs Encyclopedia covers an extensive range of species, including cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies, ants, spiders, and more.

Each bug profile is meticulously researched and crafted to provide accurate, up-to-date information that is easily accessible to all. We present intricate details of their life cycle, habitat, behaviors, and essential tips for control and prevention.

Our content goes beyond just profiles. We offer engaging articles that explore the impact of these tiny creatures on ecosystems, their interactions with humans, and their crucial roles in our environment.

We also delve into the technical aspects, bridging the gap between scientific lingo and layman’s understanding. Bugs Encyclopedia is underpinned by Shawn’s commitment to educational outreach and his deep knowledge amassed over two decades in the field.

His credibility as a certified Pesticide Applicator and Integrated Pest Management specialist ensures that the information provided is trustworthy and scientifically accurate.

In the labyrinth of the bug kingdom, Bugs Encyclopedia stands as a beacon, guiding you through with reliable, intriguing, and illuminating content.

So whether you’re an enthusiast, a student, or someone seeking information, Bugs Encyclopedia is your go-to resource for everything bugs.

Our Team

Shawn Gleason (Founder)

Shawn Gleason Bugs Encyclopedia Founder

I’m Shawn Gleason, a seasoned Entomologist and the proud founder of Bugs Encyclopedia, fueled by an unparalleled passion for the intriguing world of bugs.

I have a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Florida and carry over 10 years of valuable experience in Integrated Pest Management. Alongside, I am a certified Pesticide Applicator, honing my skills to handle bugs most efficiently.

I’ve had the privilege of contributing scholarly articles and research papers to numerous prestigious journals, marking me as a reputable authority in the field.

Bugs Encyclopedia has become my platform to share my profound knowledge, serving as an exhaustive, trusted resource for bug enthusiasts and the general public.

With rigorous attention to detail and a deep commitment to educational outreach, I’ve been striving to demystify the complex, often misunderstood world of bugs.

You can trust me and Bugs Encyclopedia to deliver accurate, comprehensive information on bugs.